The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag


*SPOILERS for those that haven’t read/watched the whole series*

1) Favourite Book?

Goblet of Fire will ALWAYS be my favourite of the series. I remember so vividly imagining the maze whilst reading it and it was so scary and I LOVED it.

2) Least Favourite Book?

This is a terrible question for a Harry Potter fan!! I love every book in the series pretty equally. But if I had to choose I’d say Deathly Hallows. Simply because the ending was not what I wanted at all. It was too much of a “happily ever after” ending what with everyone paired up and with kids. And the names of those kids?! Come on!

3) Favourite Movie?

I’d probably go with Philosopher’s Stone. It was one of the first movies I ever got REALLY excited about seeing. And seeing all the magic come to life before my eyes was just indescribable and it made me so happy!

4) Parts That Made You Cry?

I don’t remember crying whilst reading the books BUT during the films I really felt for Snape. The fact that he was a double agent must have weighed on him. Students and teachers were suspicious of him. He wasn’t allowed to be the darks arts teacher. He was bullied by James Potter and his friends. He was in love with Lily all that time. He had to live with everyone thinking he’d killed Dumbledore. Then he died for the cause in the end. That’s a lot for one person! So for me Snape had the saddest storyline.

5) Which Character Would You Hook Up With?

Ohh tough one! I actually didn’t find anyone particularly attractive in the films. So going on personality alone I’d choose Neville Longbottom because he was such a sweetie and so brave.

6) Favourite Character?

Easily Snape because he was doing so much important stuff behind the scenes throughout the whole series. I really wish JK Rowling would write a book from Snape’s perspective!!

7) Least Favourite Character?

Dumbledore. I didn’t like his attitude. I didn’t like that he wasn’t always honest with Harry about what was going on. And I certainly did not like that he awarded Slytherin the House Cup in Philosopher’s Stone and then preceded to take it away one minute later!! Could he not have given the extra points out BEFORE announcing who had won?! What a cruel thing to do to children!

8) Favourite Quote?

“What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.” – Hagrid.

9) What Would Your Patronus Be?

Definitely a horse. I’ve got about the same temperament haha! But I also envy how they can run and run and run and they always appear to be so free.

10) Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone or Invisibility Cloak?

Invisibility Cloak! I’d jump on planes and travel the world and I wouldn’t need a penny. I’d sleep in empty hotel rooms and steal sweets and I’d sneak into the ‘closed to the public’ parts of castles.

11) Which House Would You Be In?

Slytherin. Not because I’m evil or anything. But because I like to think I’m ambitious and smart and loyal but at the same time I can be really ruthless and I’m not likely to put myself out for just anyone.

12) Which Class Would Be Your Favourite?

Definitely Potions with Snape. Plus I think there’s just so much you can do with potions I’d be enthralled every lesson.

13) Were You Happy With The Ending?

NO! I hated the whole epilogue where they are on the platform, all paired up, and with their ridiculously named kids.

14) How Much Does Harry Potter Mean Do You?

So much!┬áIt was a HUGE part of my childhood. The first couple of books were read to me by my mother and then I think it was around the third and fourth books I wanted to read them on my own. Then the movies started coming out and I loved seeing the magic come to life in front of my eyes and I reckon they’re the reason I’m so into films now. And then of course I remember being so excited when a new book was going to come out and I’d swear I’d make the new book last a while…then I’d devour it in a couple days! I seriously have only good memories surrounding all the books and the films. And is it weird that I’m actually looking forward to the day they decide to remake the films?! I. Just. Want. More!

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