Sarah J Maas Book Tag


So for this weeks Friday post I thought I’d do a fun little Sarah J Maas themed book tag that I saw going round on Instagram. And fyi choosing an answer for some of these questions nearly killed me!

1) Dorian Or Rowan

Now this one depends on what the context is. For Aelin, I’d choose Rowan, because they’re both powerful and they’re a good fit personality wise as well. But if I was choosing which one for myself, and if I didn’t have any magic and I was mortal, I’d choose lovely Dorian.

2) Rhysand Or Dorian

Oh 100% Rhysand. I swear there is not a day that goes by without me thinking of Rhys. He is actual perfection.

3) Moon Or Sun

Easily the beautiful moon. I love being up at night when it’s peaceful and quiet and I can look up at the moon and stars. And I would actually go so far as to say I strongly dislike the sun. You can’t look at it and it gets in your eyes when you’re in the car and it makes me feel too hot and uncomfortable in the summer!

4) Saturday Or Sunday

Hmm both are lovely but I’ll go with…Sunday. There just seems to be less pressure to be productive on a Sunday.

5) Book Or Film

This is actually a surprisingly hard question for me! Because when I think of Harry Potter and Divergent, I prefer the books. But when I think of The Lord of the Rings and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I prefer the films. Buttt I guess overall I prefer more books to their film adaptions.

6) Fireplace Or Radiator 

Radiator. Just because I can get lost in my book and I don’t have to worry about burning the house down.

7) Kill Maeve Or Tamlin

Can it not be both?!?!? No. Ok then I guess I would kill Maeve because of what she did in Empire of Storms. She’s disgustingly cruel!

8) Never Read ACOTAR 3 Or TOG 6

Never read TOG 6. I NEED ACOTAR 3 and more of Feyre and Rhys and Cassian and Nesta and Mor and Azriel and Amren and Elaine. It’s killing me to have to wait till May 2017 as it is so if I was never going to read it I’m pretty sure I’d die instantly.

9) Sapphire Or Violet Eyes

For on myself I’d go for sapphire eyes. But if they’re on another person I’d choose violet. Because Rhysand.

10) Manon Or Lysandra

Manon. As much as I love Lysandra and how strong and amazing she is…I just want to be Manon. Like I want the iron teeth and nails and I want Abraxos and to be immortal and scary but beautiful and yeah, I want to be Manon.

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A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J Maas | Book Review (No Spoilers)


Rating: 5/5

Favourite Quote: “Don’t feel bad for one moment about doing what brings you joy.”

Review: So I first read this last year and LOVED it and after rereading it again this year I can honestly say I still do not have a bad word to say about A Court of Thorns and Roses. And can I please just live in Prythian?! Please?!

But seriously this is exactly the type of story I enjoy reading the most. It’s got the strong but not perfect female protagonist, Feyre. She’s skilled at hunting, has interests outside of the males around her (painting) and stands up for what she believes in (family, love, doing what’s right). There’s also various other distinctly different characters, plenty of dialogue and a strong plot line.

Now don’t get put off by said plot line being described as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast (not that this put me off, Beauty and the Beast is my favourite fairytale). The only similarity between the two is that a young girl gets taken away from her family to live with a supposed “baddie”, who has been cursed. ACOTAR goes far beyond this. It’s set in a world of Fae, mostly, who are struggling to regain their magic from an unknown force called the “blight”. Once it’s revealed what the “blight” is there’s only fast paced action.

And though the last third of ACOTAR has everyone agreeing that it moves at lightning speed, I’ve seen quite a few people describe the start as slow. For me though the start, which I enjoyed immensely, was far from slow. It showed us Feyre struggling to survive and feed her family. I liked that we got to see what her everyday life was like as a normal, poverty stricken, human. Though I don’t know how she put up with her whiny, spoilt family. They had me swearing out loud on a couple of occasions!

Overall I enjoyed this immensely and as soon as I’d finished it I wanted to start at the beginning again. And if you haven’t read this series yet after all the hype around it, what are you doing with your life?! I’m 99% sure any fan of fantasy, romance or Sarah J Maas’s other series Throne of Glass, will love this. Oh and you’re in for a treat with A Court of Mist and Fury, the sequel to ACOTAR  😉

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The Sunshine Blogger Award Tag

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor sunshine blogger award

I was nominated to do this tag by the lovely Lia from Imaginary Places On Paper (so thank you Lia!). She came up with the following fun and interesting questions:

1) Why Did You Start Blogging?

Mainly because I wanted somewhere I could post my thoughts on books and other stuff I enjoy. I do have an Instagram but it’s much nicer to create a whole post here with pictures. And I know I haven’t been on here long  (I only started at the end of August) but so far I’m really enjoying it!

2) Do You Have A Favourite Book And What Is It?

I’m just going to leave this photo here…


3) What Superpower Would You Want To Have?

I’m pretty sure I have answered a similar question to this on my blog already but I always pick invisibility. Just because if I was invisible I could go ANYWHERE! I’d sneak into concerts and onto aeroplanes and I’d look round the closed to the public areas of castles and museums and libraries.

4) If You Were A Type Of Fruit What Would You Be?

I laughed out loud at this question! But I actually don’t like fruit. Something about the smell/taste/texture all put me off for some reason. But I do love the look of pineapples (everyone should stop what they’re doing right now and google “pineapple field”) so I guess they’re the fruit I’d be.

5) What Is Top Of Your Bucket List?

Rome! And especially the Colosseum.

6) What’s Your Favourite Quote?

Oh dear I have so many favourite quotes! How am I supposed to choose only one?! But I guess J.R.R.Tolkien’s “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” is one that has always stuck with me.

7) What’s The Last Movie You Saw And Loved?

Hmm probably 10 Cloverfield Lane. Horror is my favourite genre and this one was so creepy and suspenseful. I really had no clue what was going on and I love it when the outcome isn’t obvious. 10/10 would recommend!

8) Are You An Introvert, Ambivert Or Extravert?

Oh I’m an ambivert for sure. But I’m definitely more at home, at home though haha.

9) Where Do You Buy Most Of Your Books?

Mostly charity shops. Not only can you find brand new books for less than a couple pounds but it’s also more fun! I love rummaging through the shelves and not knowing what I’ll find.

10) What Is The Scariest Thing In The World To You?

Losing any of the people I love or having them suffer in any way. I’m not afraid of anything else. Not heights or snakes or creeps. Just my nearest and dearest being hurt.

11) Do You Have A Secret Talent?

Now that I think about it I don’t think I do! Does sitting on my bed all night watching movies or reading (and not moving) count as a talent?! HAhaha…

So there’s my answers. If you read this far, thanks! I won’t tag anyone but if you’d like to be tagged feel free to answer these same questions! Or let me know some of your answers in the comments below. I’d be especially interested in what the scariest thing in the world is to you (it is nearly Halloween after all).

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I Am The Reader | Book Tag


I was so excited to find myself tagged by the lovely Lia (check out her blog and answer’s here) to do this tag, which is inspired by the book The Reader by Traci Chee. There are eight thoughtful questions to answer so I’m just going to jump right in!

1) Choose One Word That Describes Being A Reader

Traveller. Perhaps an odd choice but as readers we experience so many different places and worlds and emotions and lives. And we leave a little piece of ourselves in each book we read and usually we take away something as well, in much the same way we do when we travel.

2) What Is The Very First Book You Fell In Love With

I’m not entirely certain to be honest. I remember adoring The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett when my mother read it too me as a child, so that was probably one of the first books I fell in love with.

3) Hardcover Or Paperback

Paperbacks, always. They’re just so much easier to hold, in my opinion, and they’re cheaper and dust jackets get damaged way too easily.

4) Has Reading Shaped Your Identity

This is a hard question because I’m not entirely sure that everyone that knows me knows just how obsessed I am with books and book characters and reading (even though I’ve read consistently throughout my whole life). And only my mother and sister really know I have a bookstagram and a blog. But going by my online presence then yes reading has shaped my identity. A lot of lovely people I have met online know me as a fellow reader and they’ll ask for my recommendations or message me and want to discuss a certain book.

5) What Book Do You Read When You Need To Be Comforted

Just lately I would say A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas is my go to when I’m a bit stressed and need to just calm down and relax. I’ll pick a random chapter to start reading from and keep going until I feel better.

6) Who Taught You To Be A Reader

That would be my mother. My first memories of books are all of her reading them to me. She used to read to me before bed and until I fell asleep so even now I always associate books with being calm and cosy. I also have her to thank for getting me into Harry Potter because back in 1997/98 (when I was 7/8) she began reading Philosopher’s Stone to me and from that point on we were both obsessed!

7) Describe Your Dream Reading Lounge

I’m going to totally steal Lia’s idea and say I would want a library with a cosy sofa that’s covered in pillows and a soft duvet and that has a huge skylight above it. So when I finish a wonderful chapter or read an inspiring quote I can turn off the light and look up at the stars and quietly reflect.

8) Which Book Changed The Way You Act Or See The World

Every book I’ve ever read. 

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The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag


*SPOILERS for those that haven’t read/watched the whole series*

1) Favourite Book?

Goblet of Fire will ALWAYS be my favourite of the series. I remember so vividly imagining the maze whilst reading it and it was so scary and I LOVED it.

2) Least Favourite Book?

This is a terrible question for a Harry Potter fan!! I love every book in the series pretty equally. But if I had to choose I’d say Deathly Hallows. Simply because the ending was not what I wanted at all. It was too much of a “happily ever after” ending what with everyone paired up and with kids. And the names of those kids?! Come on!

3) Favourite Movie?

I’d probably go with Philosopher’s Stone. It was one of the first movies I ever got REALLY excited about seeing. And seeing all the magic come to life before my eyes was just indescribable and it made me so happy!

4) Parts That Made You Cry?

I don’t remember crying whilst reading the books BUT during the films I really felt for Snape. The fact that he was a double agent must have weighed on him. Students and teachers were suspicious of him. He wasn’t allowed to be the darks arts teacher. He was bullied by James Potter and his friends. He was in love with Lily all that time. He had to live with everyone thinking he’d killed Dumbledore. Then he died for the cause in the end. That’s a lot for one person! So for me Snape had the saddest storyline.

5) Which Character Would You Hook Up With?

Ohh tough one! I actually didn’t find anyone particularly attractive in the films. So going on personality alone I’d choose Neville Longbottom because he was such a sweetie and so brave.

6) Favourite Character?

Easily Snape because he was doing so much important stuff behind the scenes throughout the whole series. I really wish JK Rowling would write a book from Snape’s perspective!!

7) Least Favourite Character?

Dumbledore. I didn’t like his attitude. I didn’t like that he wasn’t always honest with Harry about what was going on. And I certainly did not like that he awarded Slytherin the House Cup in Philosopher’s Stone and then preceded to take it away one minute later!! Could he not have given the extra points out BEFORE announcing who had won?! What a cruel thing to do to children!

8) Favourite Quote?

“What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.” – Hagrid.

9) What Would Your Patronus Be?

Definitely a horse. I’ve got about the same temperament haha! But I also envy how they can run and run and run and they always appear to be so free.

10) Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone or Invisibility Cloak?

Invisibility Cloak! I’d jump on planes and travel the world and I wouldn’t need a penny. I’d sleep in empty hotel rooms and steal sweets and I’d sneak into the ‘closed to the public’ parts of castles.

11) Which House Would You Be In?

Slytherin. Not because I’m evil or anything. But because I like to think I’m ambitious and smart and loyal but at the same time I can be really ruthless and I’m not likely to put myself out for just anyone.

12) Which Class Would Be Your Favourite?

Definitely Potions with Snape. Plus I think there’s just so much you can do with potions I’d be enthralled every lesson.

13) Were You Happy With The Ending?

NO! I hated the whole epilogue where they are on the platform, all paired up, and with their ridiculously named kids.

14) How Much Does Harry Potter Mean Do You?

So much! It was a HUGE part of my childhood. The first couple of books were read to me by my mother and then I think it was around the third and fourth books I wanted to read them on my own. Then the movies started coming out and I loved seeing the magic come to life in front of my eyes and I reckon they’re the reason I’m so into films now. And then of course I remember being so excited when a new book was going to come out and I’d swear I’d make the new book last a while…then I’d devour it in a couple days! I seriously have only good memories surrounding all the books and the films. And is it weird that I’m actually looking forward to the day they decide to remake the films?! I. Just. Want. More!

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Mid Year Book Freak Out | Book Tag

Ok I know it’s September, so hardly “mid year” anymore, but I really wanted to do this tag! So I’m going to do it! *stubborn pouty face*

  1. The Best Book You’ve Read In 2016 So Far

This question KILLS me. How am I supposed to pick between A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J Maas and Queen Of Shadows, also by Sarah J Maas?! Butttt I guess I’d say ACOMAF is slightly better. Mainly because I’m practically in love with everyone in The Court of Dreams.


2. The Best Sequel You’ve Read In 2016 So Far

Ohhh I can put Queen Of Shadows here! Though I’ll be reading Empire Of Storms in less than a week so QoS might get pushed out.

3. New Release You Haven’t Read Yet

The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. I read Ruth’s other novel, In A Dark Dark Wood, in just a few hours and gave it 5/5 so I have high expectations for her latest release.

4. Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half Of 2016

Easily Empire Of Storms by Sarah J Maas. I actually cannot stop thinking about this series lately and it just needs to be 6th September already!

5. Biggest Disappointment

…Unpopular opinion incoming… Uprooted by Naomi Novik. It was honestly a huge struggle for me to get through. It just went on forever!


6. Biggest Surprise

Definitely In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. Just before reading this I read The Girl On The Train and was left fairly disappointed. But I was craving another thriller so I tried IADDW and wow am I glad I did. So fast paced and creepy and I loved the twist!

7. Favourite New Author 

I’m going to have to say Ruth Ware because I don’t often read a whole book in one sitting!

8. Newest Fictional Crush

This is the easiest question in this whole tag haha obviously Rhysand from A Court Of Mist And Fury. I count him as a “new” crush because I didn’t like him in ACOTAR, which I read last year.

9. Newest Favourite Character

Scorpius!! From Harry Potter And The Cursed Child by J K Rowling. He’s just so sweet and I love the way he isn’t shy about how he feels about Rose.


10. Book That Made You Cry

The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas. Sam Cortland..*tears up*

11. Book That Made You Happy

Hot Six by Janet Evanovich. This had me crying tears of laughter. And it makes me happy to know there’s loads more books in this series so I can grab one whenever I’m feeling down.

12. Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year

Uprooted by Naomi Novik. I know I said I hated this book but my goodness the cover is PERFECT!

13. What Books Do You Need To Read By The End Of The Year

I’d like to finish a few more series so I’ll try and read Allegiant by Veronica Roth and also Shades Of Earth by Beth Revis.

14. Favourite Book Community Member At The Moment

Oh this is another hard question! I’d have to say Sasha Alsberg, a booktuber, because I’m loving her writing vlogs at the moment.

So there you have the Mid Year Book Freak Out tag! Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned? If not, maybe you could let me know some of your own answers to these questions?

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