Sarah J Maas Book Tag


So for this weeks Friday post I thought I’d do a fun little Sarah J Maas themed book tag that I saw going round on Instagram. And fyi choosing an answer for some of these questions nearly killed me!

1) Dorian Or Rowan

Now this one depends on what the context is. For Aelin, I’d choose Rowan, because they’re both powerful and they’re a good fit personality wise as well. But if I was choosing which one for myself, and if I didn’t have any magic and I was mortal, I’d choose lovely Dorian.

2) Rhysand Or Dorian

Oh 100% Rhysand. I swear there is not a day that goes by without me thinking of Rhys. He is actual perfection.

3) Moon Or Sun

Easily the beautiful moon. I love being up at night when it’s peaceful and quiet and I can look up at the moon and stars. And I would actually go so far as to say I strongly dislike the sun. You can’t look at it and it gets in your eyes when you’re in the car and it makes me feel too hot and uncomfortable in the summer!

4) Saturday Or Sunday

Hmm both are lovely but I’ll go with…Sunday. There just seems to be less pressure to be productive on a Sunday.

5) Book Or Film

This is actually a surprisingly hard question for me! Because when I think of Harry Potter and Divergent, I prefer the books. But when I think of The Lord of the Rings and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I prefer the films. Buttt I guess overall I prefer more books to their film adaptions.

6) Fireplace Or Radiator 

Radiator. Just because I can get lost in my book and I don’t have to worry about burning the house down.

7) Kill Maeve Or Tamlin

Can it not be both?!?!? No. Ok then I guess I would kill Maeve because of what she did in Empire of Storms. She’s disgustingly cruel!

8) Never Read ACOTAR 3 Or TOG 6

Never read TOG 6. I NEED ACOTAR 3 and more of Feyre and Rhys and Cassian and Nesta and Mor and Azriel and Amren and Elaine. It’s killing me to have to wait till May 2017 as it is so if I was never going to read it I’m pretty sure I’d die instantly.

9) Sapphire Or Violet Eyes

For on myself I’d go for sapphire eyes. But if they’re on another person I’d choose violet. Because Rhysand.

10) Manon Or Lysandra

Manon. As much as I love Lysandra and how strong and amazing she is…I just want to be Manon. Like I want the iron teeth and nails and I want Abraxos and to be immortal and scary but beautiful and yeah, I want to be Manon.

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12 thoughts on “Sarah J Maas Book Tag

  1. Great explanation on the radiator 😂 I completely agree. Also a perfect way of describing Sunday and since so many places either closed or open late on Sunday that we can use it as an excuse to sleep in or lounge around 😊 Thanks for tagging me. Might be another two months before I can do this tag because I haven’t read any of Sarah J Maas’books yet.. (Shame.. I know 😁)

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