Mini Movie Reviews (No Spoilers)

So I signed up to NowTV just over a week ago and naturally, being the film lover that I am, I’ve already watched about a million movies. And some of them were pretty good! But also some were pretty terrible. So I thought I should review some of the better ones to let you know which I think are worth your time and also let you know which ones to avoid. These are in no particular order and I promise no spoilers!

1) Go With Me

Go With Me is a thriller about a woman being harassed by an ex cop, who seeks the help of an ex logger and his young friend, to save her having to leave town.

Now what caught my attention initially was how good the cast is (Julia Styles, Ray Liotta, Anthony Hopkins, Alexander Ludwig) and after watching this film, I’m sorry to say, the cast is really the only reason to watch. The story falls a bit flat and is quite slow. But Ray Liotta was scary as hell with his wild hair and eyes. And Alexander Ludwig managed to pull off quiet and shy, but violent when he needed to be, very well.

Rating: 5/10

2) In fondo al bosco (Deep In The Wood)

Another thriller (I’m going through a phase ok…). This one is about a 4 year old boy who goes missing during a festival in Italy (this film is in Italian but English subtitles are available). Only he shows up 5 years later alive and well, though a bit quiet. The mother refuses to believe it is her son. Claiming the boy smells different and has different eyes but the police say the dna test came back as a 100% match.

Now this one is all kinds of fucked up! So eerie throughout and the snowy/winter setting really adds to the creepy atmosphere. You’ll honestly have no idea what’s really going on. Most of the way through I was waiting for it to take a supernatural turn (I won’t say whether it does or not). But it just continued to spiral more and more out of control. And I’m fairly certain no one will be able to guess the shocking ending!

Rating: 7/10

 3) Daddy’s Home

A comedy about a stepfather (Will Ferrell) who has his world turned upside down when his wife’s kid’s biologically father (Mark Wahlberg) comes to stay with them.

I honestly don’t know why I continue to give these types of family friendly American comedies a go. They’re normally way more annoying than they are funny. And I swear Will Ferrell has never been funny for even one joke in his whole career. He just acts like a man child and apparently we’re supposed to laugh at that? Easily one of the worst films I’ve seen this year!

Rating: 3/10

4) Grandma

A fantastic drama about a teenager facing an unplanned pregnancy who seeks help from her acerbic grandmother. They then spend the majority of the film trying to round up enough money for an abortion.

Now this is easily my favourite film out of the 12 or so I’ve watched these past couple weeks. I really felt for the grandmother and the granddaughter, who were played superbly by Lily Tomlin and Julia Garner. Both are very realistic and convincing in their roles. And so I would highly recommend this to anyone. Though be warned it is fairly slow (I personally enjoy slow films but I know not everyone likes that) but this is only because the story is based around the characters and not action.

Rating: 9/10

5) Hot Pursuit

A comedy about an uptight cop trying to get a Colombian widow to Dallas, Texas, so she can testify against a drug lord. And as you can imagine everything goes wrong.

Now I see a lot of people bashing this film on IMDB but I found it hilarious in a lot of places. Sofia Vergara, who plays the widow, is basically the same character she is on Modern Family but much more over the top (I know, I hear you thinking is that possible?! And turns out yes, yes it is haha). And Reese Witherspoon is the cop who is both funny and frustrating and endearing all at the same time. The pair of them together made for a great double act and I’d love to see these two in another movie together.

Rating: 7/10

6) Careful What You Wish For

A young guy has an affair with the young wife of the scary investment banker next door. And as this is a thriller you know that something more must be going on here.

Again, yes, I watched another thriller…I don’t know why I’m so into them at the moment?! But anyway I actually enjoyed this one a lot. Nick Jonas plays the guy having the affair and honestly I’ve never thought much of him before but his acting in this is pretty good. Mostly I liked Isabel Lucas who is the cheating wife. She plays the sad, abused girl so well you’ll really feel for her. And the shock twist at the end was exactly that, a shock. I did not guess it at all. Definitely worth a watch!

Rating: 8/10

So there’s my thoughts on some of the films I’ve watched recently. Some good, some terrible. Have you watched anything lately that you’d recommend? I watch ALL genres but if you have a thriller you rate highly then definitely let me know!


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