7 TV Shows I Don’t Plan On Watching Ever And Why

1) Pretty Little Liars

Seven. Seasons. Seven?! How can they drag out who “A” is for this long, seriously? And I swear I see fans moaning about whatever’s going on more than they are happy about what’s happening in this show. Plus crime drama is just not my thing. At all.

2) Teen Wolf

When people try to persuade me to watch this show they’re always mentioning that Dylan O’Brien. The guy who manages to look old and young at the same time. Well an average looking guy is not going to persuade me to watch this CGI mess (see photo below…)

Image result for teen wolf cgi creature

3) The Big Bang Theory

This is one of only two shows on this list that I have watched quite a few episodes of (mainly because it’s on E4 nonstop). And my goodness are these characters condescending! Not to mention the jokes are terrible. And that laugh track!

4) Supernatural

I actually think it’s more the fandom of this show that puts me off of Supernatural. But also the fact that there are 12 seasons! So surely it’s getting very diluted by now? Oh and is there even one female character that’s been around consistently throughout the entire show?

5) How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM is the other show on this list I have seen some episodes of (again thanks to E4). And it’s another show with a laugh track. And terrible jokes. Plus Neil Patrick Harris’s character is probably the most irritating character in the history of tv (see the smugness below)!

Image result for neil patrick harris how i met your mother

6) Breaking Bad

I don’t like Bryan Cranston. There I said it! He isn’t a convincing actor in my opinion. And he ruined the last Godzilla film for me. Also, like I said before, I don’t enjoy crime drama and this is even worse because it’s a crime drama with drugs (*yawn*).

7) Doctor Who

Now this one I kind of feel bad about putting on this list because I know it’s pretty good. The only reasons I don’t want to watch it is because it’s a PG sci fi and I like my sci fi scary and gruesome. And also because it just has too many seasons (a recurring theme on this list I know, I’m lazy, and can’t commit to all that).

So there you go, the 7 TV shows I will not be watching. Ever. There’s just so many other shows I’m obsessed with right now that I really don’t have the time to be watching something I don’t even think I will like. That being said, please feel free to leave in the comments why I’m wrong and why I do actually need to watch any of these. Or perhaps you agree with me about one or more of these shows?

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10 thoughts on “7 TV Shows I Don’t Plan On Watching Ever And Why

  1. I agree with you on Pretty Little Liars, I feel like it should have just been the five or six seasons where we find out who the actual A is. Now I’ve pretty much lost interest and won’t continue…

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      1. The first season was okay, the second meh but the 3rd, 4th and 5th I really liked and now it just meh again. And no I haven’t watched all of ppl as I lost interest in the middle of season 7 and season 6 was okay. If I was you I would give a go at these tv shows as they are my favourites – Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, The Shannara Chronicles and Young & Hungry. I also loved Samantha Who? and Life Unexpected 🙂


      2. YES Game of Thrones is SO good 🙌 and I’m all caught up. Same with Orange Is The New Black I enjoy it and I’m all caught up. The Shannara Chronicles I’ve heard loads of good things about so I will definitely check it out eventually. I’ve never heard of Young & Hungry, Samantha Who? Or Life Unexpected though so I’ll definitely check them out! Thank you for the recommendations! ☺️

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    1. Haha I know I feel SO bad saying Doctor Who! Do the seasons need to be watched in order? Because really it’s the fact that there’s something like 160 episodes that puts me off :/ And there’s just so many other tv shows that I want to watch that I can’t commit to all that!


  2. Totally agree with Pretty Little Liars. That show got really boring really fast. I don’t even think I finished the first season.

    I like Teen Wolf. The first few seasons were good. I haven’t caught up with it, but maybe when I ran out of amazing shows, then I’ll go back to it. I just hated when my favorite characters would leave.

    I love Supernatural haha. I’ve rewatched the entire series about 5 times now. There are some awesome kick ass female characters in the show. The cases are really interesting and the monsters/villains are unique. The casts are just adorable and I love that Jensen and Jared are friends in real life. Not to mention it can be really funny sometimes. It’s definitely not Game of Thrones, but it’s definitely one of my favorites! =)

    HIMYM is another show I love….but the ending sucked lol. I rewatch some episodes now and then.

    I don’t think I’ll ever watch Doctor Who either or Breaking Bad. I tried to watch Breaking Bad before and I just didn’t like it. Doctor Who seems interesting, but I just can’t ever bring myself to watch it haha.

    I definitely agree that there are a lot of awesome shows. I’m actually behind on some of my favorites… I actually haven’t caught up with Supernatural cause right now my bf and I are watching Gotham and Lucifer.

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    1. Thank you for the AMAZING reply!!

      I’m SO behind on so many of my favourites too, it’s terrible! There’s just so many movies and books and shows that I LOVE but I can’t seem to find the time for everything :/

      Yeah Pretty Little Liars looks super boring! I think I watched maybe the first 2 or 3 eps and it was enough lol I was not interested in the slightest.

      And I’m so glad you like Supernatural! (It’s honestly my favourite thing when I find a show I can just rewatch over and over and have it be background noise 😀 ) But Supernatural is just not for me. I actually watched the first season when it aired and I really didn’t like the main two characters. Is there a badass female character that’s in it a lot?

      SAME I tried Breaking Bad but it just didn’t capture me for some reason. And what is it with Doctor Who?! Why can some of us just not find the energy to start it?! Haha. Though I must admit I’m tempted to just start it at the new season now there’s a woman Doctor! Do you think you’ll give it a go now?

      Ohhh Gotham and Lucifer are both on my “to watch” list!! Are you enjoying them both? Would you recommend them?

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      1. I absolute love Lucifer. I mean it’s not GOT or the Walking Dead or West World, but it’s hilarious. The actor who plays Lucifer is totally charming. Actually I really like all the characters.

        Gotham has it’s slow episodes, but it has a lot of plot twists and surprises. It’s also one of those shows that have characters who are damaged, but good. Or characters that are bad, but you still end up rooting for them. I love it.

        I don’t know if I’ll give Doctor Who a go… lol Honestly, it’s way down on my list. I just have other shows I rather watch. And I would really have to watch it from the beginning.

        I agree that Supernatural is not for everyone. I don’t think there is one female that’s been there since the beginning. I haven’t caught up since last season, but the last one is Charlie. She’s smart, computer geek, but totally awesome. =)

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      2. Ohh if Lucifer is hilarious then I’m definitely moving it up my to watch list! I love when shows are dark but with humour! I’m watching Peaky Blinders right now but I’ll give Lucifer a go next 😀

        Hmm if Gotham has slow eps I’ll probably not bother with it.

        And it’s such a shame Supernatural doesn’t have a main female character :/ Charlie sounds great though! If only she was a regular throughout the whole series!


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